About IHI
Innovative Housing, Inc. (IHI) was founded in 1984 to help low-income families in Northeast Portland lease-to-own single family homes. We began developing multifamily apartment buildings in 1991 and now own more than 1,400 affordable apartments in Oregon and Washington.

Our Mission:
Innovative Housing's mission is to efficiently and economically develop, preserve, and operate high-quality, affordable housing for low- and moderate-income households and to help our residents maintain their housing stability, improve their quality of life, and access opportunities to break the cycle of poverty. We implement our mission within a framework designed to embrace, preserve and protect history; celebrate public art in all of its forms; respect the dignity of individuals and families; and provide a foundation for success to all those we serve.
Affordable Housing
IHI's housing provides safe, affordable homes to individuals and families. Our portfolio includes workforce housing in downtown Portland, large family apartments, studios for people with physical and mental disabilities, and housing for individuals and families transitioning out of homelessness.

IHI develops projects that meet community needs in creative and effective ways. We build new housing, acquire and renovate older apartment buildings, and preserve existing affordable housing that is at risk of becoming unaffordable. From 1998-2000, IHI also developed three condominium projects that provided homeownership opportunities for low and moderate income first-time homeowners.

Resident Services
IHI provides more than just a home. We offer resident services to help people maintain their housing, access opportunities, and break the cycle of poverty. Our services are personalized and responsive to residents' needs - we focus on people and develop programs that support them in their housing, careers, and life. IHI's Resident Services staff serve over 1,200 people each year.

Asset Management
As a long-term owner and operator of affordable housing, one very important aspect of IHI's work is the ongoing asset management of our rental portfolio. We aggressively manage our real estate to ensure that each property is well-maintained, financially sustainable, and makes a positive contribution to its neighborhood.

Arts and Culture
IHI incorporates art and culture into our work in many different ways. The preservation and restoration of historic buildings has become an integral part of our development program. We include public art at many of our housing sites, invite residents and neighbors to participate in community art projects, and offer arts programming to residents as part of our service package.

In 2009 IHI launched Innovative Change$, a responsible alternative to predatory lenders that helps low-income households access affordable short-term cash and bridge shortfalls that jeopardize their housing and employment stability. IC$ makes small dollar consumer loans, provides financial coaching and workshops, and offers credit building opportunities. Selected as the Credit Builder Alliance's "2010 Innovator of the Year," Innovative Change$ is a leader in the national microlending field.