Resident Services
A safe, affordable home is the foundation for building a better life. But sometimes housing alone is not enough. Parents working long hours and negotiating the chaos of poverty, individuals struggling with a disability, and children facing multiple barriers to academic success often benefit from additional support.

IHI provides this extra support in the form of Resident Services. Our services are designed to meet residents where they live, respond to their individual needs, and ensure that IHI housing is the starting point for success. This means that our staff and programs are tailored to different properties: at family sites we offer a host of adult and youth services; at buildings that house low-income adults we focus on securing social security benefits and overcoming obstacles to employment. At all sites, we serve as a resource and referral source to connect our residents with existing community resources.

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Housing Stability and Success
"I've never lived anywhere where the people who own the housing care about how I'm doing and what my kids need. Resident Services is awesome."
Accessing Opportunities
Financial Education and Support
Youth and Family Programs
To access community resources, please visit 211 Info.